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Deciding what to do when you finish school, or leave university, is a decision that many people struggle with.

There is no quick fix or test that will make the correct decision for you; that’s why the statistics of those students changing majors or degrees at university is so high. Perhaps we are not sure, as we have not explored enough. What we do know is that we all want to live meaningful lives; we want to look back one day and feel that it’s been a wonderful journey and that we have made a difference.

To do this, we need to understand ourselves better. With StrengthsQuest, you will gain insight into your areas of greatest potential:

the things that you naturally do best. Discovering your unique talents means becoming more aware of who you really are, what you are naturally good at and the type of work you would like to do. During career coaching sessions, we will combine this knowledge with your interests and passions, core values and skills, and then look at what job or career fits with you best. This is all part of the career exploration process.

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This is the basis for a sound career plan that will put you on the path of success!

You don't have to wait until you enter the workplace; anyone from 16 years old can start the process

Start behaving like the successful person you want to be.

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