Why Generation Y

In this blog I am going to share with you some of my experiences of working with ‘20Somethings’ and hope it will contribute to a better understanding of how best to integrate and manage the expectations of our young talent in organisations. And we welcome your comments, so visit our facebook page to share some of your thoughts and experiences.

So who is Generation Y? Well its one term that applies to the generation born during the Eighties to Nineties. They can also be referred to as the Millennials or the Global Generation (to name a few). They tend to be energetic, impatient and much more concerned about social and environmental issues than any other generation.
Statistics indicate that Gen Y make up a population of 92 million in the USA alone. They are taking the workplace by storm and organisations now face the challenge of having to effectively integrate and manage the expectations of four generations into one workplace. It is therefore important to find a way of managing all generations in a manner that enhances the work environment and serves to embrace the goals of both the organisation as well as the individual.

While there is not yet an agreed period as to when Gen Y ends and the next generation begins, it seems that those born towards end of 1990s onwards… are known as the Internet (‘i’ or net) generation, the M (multitasking) generation or even Generation Z (since they follow Gen Y). For Gen Z, it is about being electronically connected at all times. It is the generation that has changed the way we all communicate, learn and work.

According to Peter Eio, of Lego Systems, “This is the first time in the history of the human race that a generation of kids has overtaken their parents in the use of new technology.” It can prove costly though, my 4 year old nephew knows how to work his way around an iPad even though he cant read the messages that pop up (which usually involve confirming payment…)