Starting a New Job

At  the  outset, invest time to understand the company culture, your workplace, your manager and your team. If you’re not sure where you fit in and how you can add value, well the only trick to this is to….ASK.

Be clear on what is expected from you and – deliver more. Seek feedback constantly so you can improve.

Understand what your manager and the rest of the team do and ask how you can help. Take the initiative and get involved. Ask for feedback when you have delivered work.

Find people you can trust or a coach who can help you manage your development areas. Listen and take notice when they give you constructive feedback.

Manage your expectations. Too high expectations produce disappointment and dissatisfaction. While you may be eager to progress, Rome wasn’t built in a day – building a good career and a reputation takes time.

Strategically, think and plan training that will build your knowledge and develop your skills, getting you one step closer to that promotion and your career goals.

Those who can manage their careers effectively remain focused through both the successful as well as the turbulent times, continually create new opportunities and learn from past mistakes.

Finally, take time out to celebrate your success and enjoy the journey!