Choosing Your New Career


Few of us are lucky enough to know exactly what we want to do when we leave school. And even when we have a good idea or a plan, things do not always work out as expected. Most of us head in the direction we think we want to go and hope for the best; [...]

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Writing a CV or Résumé


Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for course of life. It provides a record of your personal information, education, work career and the skills and experience you have acquired. What is the difference between a CV and a résumé? A résumé is usually a one page document while a CV ranges from 2 -5 pages, depending [...]

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Finding a Mentor


What could be better than learning all about the road ahead from someone who has been there before? A good mentor can be a wonderful way to learn how to do things correctly and how to avoid the pitfalls. They are not there to work for you, promote you or tell you what to do. [...]

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Starting a New Job


At  the  outset, invest time to understand the company culture, your workplace, your manager and your team. If you're not sure where you fit in and how you can add value, well the only trick to this is to….ASK. Be clear on what is expected from you and – deliver more. Seek feedback constantly so [...]

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Being Happy at Work


When choosing or changing careers, everyone tells you to be sure you find the right job – a job that suits you. Because when you have chosen the right career/job where many aspects of your personality match the work you do, you are fulfilling the requirements that are most important to you/your personality. You will [...]

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Why Generation Y


In this blog I am going to share with you some of my experiences of working with ‘20Somethings’ and hope it will contribute to a better understanding of how best to integrate and manage the expectations of our young talent in organisations. And we welcome your comments, so visit our facebook page to share some [...]

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